Mike Morey Guitarist ~ Musicologist
Mike Morey   Guitarist ~ Musicologist 



Solo Works



Fusion Sonata # 1               


Fusion Sonata # 2               


Fusion Sonata # 3               


Fusion Sonata # 4  


Fusion Sonata # 5


Fusion Sonata # 6             


Four Miniatures for Trindade       


The Bootleggers Suite                


Suite for Paraty                    


15 Concert Sinfonias                 


Fusion Sonatina # 1                




Six Portraits on American Outlaws


Three Whiskey Songs


Six Murder Ballads


A Little Chin Music


Freedom of Speech                


Show me How                         


Bach's E minor  Bouree with

10 Polymetric Variations       


Blocas de Ruas                             


Caminho do Ouro        


The Green Mill Suite  


Jangada por Curupaiti (Solo Piano pra CPBF) 

Moonlight Traveler in Fancy's Land 

The Pyramid of the Magician


Homage to Buckethead 


Remembrances of Lady Ligeia




Cad Goddeu






The Warrior-Poet Séries Vol. 1


The Warrior-Poet Séries Vol. 2





Chamber Music



Silent Skies (Guitar and Violin)  


River Winds (Guitar and Violin)   


Constellations (Guitar and Violin)


Celtic Signs (Guitar and Flute)    


Pitch Black  (Guitar and Violin)      


Mystic Dreams (Guitar and Flute)       


Rondo for Piano and Flute           


The Subway Kid (4 guitars)          


Black Rose (Soprano and Piano)  


The Deep Ellum Sonata (Piano and Guitar)


Songs From Tears (Guitar and High Voice)







J.S Bach, BWV 1062: II mvt Largo (4 Guitars)


Francis Hopkinson: Seven Songs for Harpsichord and Voice

(Arr. High Voice and Guitar)


The Deep Ellum Blues


J.S. Bach: Five Chorale Preludes from "The Leipzig Great Eighteen" (BWV 652, BWV 653, BWV 662, BWV 663, BWV 668)


Dietrich Buxtehude: Four Chorale Preludes (BuxWV 186, BuxWV 197,  BuxWV 199, BuxWV 211, 


Georg Böhm: Five Chorale Preludes



Orchestral Works



Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra


Symphony in One Movement


Mike's fifth studio album of all new original music will be coming soon!

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